Mixed Martial Arts in Sherbrooke

Mixed Martial Arts Sherbrooke

If you are interested in pursuing a mixed martial arts career it is very important to pay attention to the “mixed” in mixed martial arts. Whether you are starting off as a grappler, or a striker you need to remember to be well rounded and well versed in each of the main styles.
Typically mixed martial arts can be broken down into 3 primary styles.

Of course mixed martial arts includes many variations on each of these styles, but those styles need to cover three ranges.

One of the primary errors people make when looking for an MMA school, is to try and find a gym that teaches “mixed martial arts”. Where they try to put everything together all of the time, every match is like the UFC.

The problem with this is that you will often rely heavily on your preferred style, instead of being a true mixed martial artist.

You need to find a specialist in each of these areas, and train them individually before putting them together as a complete mixed martial artist. That way when you study Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you can’t attempt to use kickboxing as a counter, you have to actually improve in that style.

Find a good Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor for mixed martial arts in Sherbrooke, and you will go a long way towards cleaning up your ground game, and eliminating any weak spots in that particular range.

Mixed Martial Arts Sherbrooke   Richard Martens              
Head Instructor
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