Sherbrooke Mixed Martial Arts Series Video 1 – The closed guard

Nomad BJJ Technique of the Week!

Nomad BJJ Technique of the Week!

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In our Sherbrooke mixed martial arts video series, we will be focusing on the closed guard position, and your general options.

Using the closed guard position in mixed martial arts is a lot different then using it in grappling, the mentality of your opponent presents different options. In grappling your opponent is generally trying to pass your guard, or hunt for a leg lock. During his attempt to pass the guard, he can often present a submission or a sweep with his forward pressure/movement.

In mixed martial arts he has the added option of staying in your guard and throwing strikes to either:

  • Finish the fight
  • Win a judges decision

Since this tactic is available, he doesn’t have to give that useful forward pressure which can lead to successful attack.

Generally you have 3 options from the guard

  1. Submit your opponent with a Choke, Arm Lock, or Leg Lock
  2. Sweep or Reverse your opponent so as to attain the top position
  3. Stand up to a clinch or neautral position

Our Sherbrooke mixed martial arts series will cover these three options, so stay tuned this week!

Mixed Martial Arts Sherbrooke   Richard Martens              
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