Nomad BJJ is the premiere kickboxing training location in the Eastern Townships. With over 30 years striking and kickboxing experience, instructor Christian Labbe will walk you through the basics and help you understand the fundamentals of this super effective martial art.

Nomad BJJ prides itself on providing a FUN & SAFE atmosphere and has been operating in the Eastern Townships  for over 10 years. Providing the best martial arts instruction at a reasonable price.

We are not your standard gym!  If you are looking for the BEST place to train, you found us!

What to expect at the Nomad Kickboxing Class

Each kickboxing class begins with a warm up specifically designed for kickboxing, focusing on movement and stretches to help you progress quickly. Each day you will be taught a series of well explained techniques that will help you and your partner build your striking game. Focus mitts and thai pads are regularly used to hone your technique while working on delivering powerful power strikes. Each class ends with the option to do controlled sparring or conditioning exercises specific to kickboxing.

Our goal is to both show you the art of striking AND provide you with the means to get in shape for kickboxing!

What is Nomad Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is the most effective striking martial art in the world today. Nomad Kickboxing focuses mainly on Muay Thai and Boxing technique combined to make the most effective & efficient use of your upper and lower body.

You will learn to strike using legs, knees, elbows and hands as well as proper footwork and body positioning to be able to protect yourself while creating the best opportunity to deliver these eight devastating weapons.

In addition, Nomad Kickboxing focuses also on a standing close combat situation, which controls the opponent’s upper body and gives you the opportunity to deliver strikes from a variety of angles and positions.

Kickboxing is great for both men and women whether you are looking for fun, cardio, fitness or self defence. For the student that wants the extra challenge, competitive opportunities are also available.

Nomad Kickboxing Instructor: Christian Labbe

Christian Labbe - Nomad Kickboxing Instructor

Mr. Christian Labbe began his career in martial arts and combat sports in the 80s. He has since performed more than 20 styles of martial arts and combat sports with master and internationally renowned instructors including:

  • Philip Gelinas
  • Dan Inosanto
  • Erik Paulson
  • Larry Hartsell
  • Willem de Thouars
  • Yorinaga Nakamura
  • Jim Husfelt
  • Jamie Husfelt
  • Fred Degerberg

Mr. Christian Labbe holds instructor certifications in:

  • STX Kickboxing (Erik Paulson)
  • Combat Submission Wrestling (Erik Paulson)
  • Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (Philip Gelinas)
  • Kali and Filipino Martial Arts (Philip Gelinas)
  • Grappling Arts (Philip Gelinas)
  • Olympic Boxing Level 2 (NCCP)
  • Shaolin Kempo (black belt).

Required Equipment

Safety is of paramount importance at Nomad BJJ. All kickboxing gear is available at a reduced price when your subscribe as a member. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about kickboxing gear!

Remember, If it is your first class, we have gear you can borrow while you try it out!

Required Gear:

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Boxing Gloves (Min 10oz)
  • MMA Gloves
  • Mouth Guard
  • Groin Protection
  • Head gear
  • Elbow pads