Roy Harris October 2013 Seminar Review!

Roy Harris Seminar 2013

Nomad BJJ had an awesome weekend of fun and new material with 5th degree black belt Roy Harris.

Mr. Harris visited us from San Diego California to cover two interesting topics. Wrist locks and ankle locks.

On the first day Mr. Harris covered basic wrist lock mechanics and entries that can be applied from a variety of positions, as well as specific entries from specific control positions. This is a topic that Mr. Harris has become a bit of a pioneer in. We are very glad he could take the time to share this information with us.

The second day was a classic Roy Harris topic, ankle locks. We covered the 5 different foot lock mechanics as well as the 5 basic control positions that allow you to maintain control of their leg as they attempt to escape. Mr. Harris also covered how to properly train the ankle lock in order to cut down on your opponent’s ability to apply an escape, as well as a few entries.

We had another great weekend with Mr. Harris and we are looking forward to his next stop by Sherbrooke in a year.

See you at the next seminar!


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