Louis Bernard-Desrosiers 2014 Pan-American Competition Results

Louis Bernard-Desrosiers Pan-Am

Louis Bernard-Desrosiers just finished completing at the 2014 Pan-American World BJJ Championships
Louis had 4 good matches!

  1. In the first he attempted his 50/50 foot lock, but didn’t get the tap. Louis was given the win by the advantage he recieved for the foot lock.
  2. In the second match he was able to pull off the 50/50 foot lock!
  3. The third fight was another battle from the 50/50 guard. Louis attempted both sweeps and foot locks. He secured an advantage and the win.
  4. In the fourth fight Louis fought from reverse de la riva guard, attempting both his spin to back and foot locks, but lost in the end by 2 advantage point.

The final results were as follows:

PURPLE / Adult / Male / Light Feather

  1. Gold – Michael Musumeci Jr.
  2. Silver – Ian Sanders
  3. Bronze – Louis Bernard-Desrosiers

Nice Bronze Louis! Another great performance at a tough competition!


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