Sherbrooke MMA Series Video 5 – Passing the Guard – The Lockdown

Nomad BJJ Technique of the Week!

Nomad BJJ Technique of the Week!

Continue from our basic Half Mount Control position, we’re now going to deal with the lock down position.

This leg position has been around for quite a while now, it previously was used to stall and prevent the final guard pass, but in recent years practitioners like Eddie Bravo have turned it into quite an offensive position. To the point where some people deliberately drop to half guard instead of full guard in grappling matches.

Due to this fact, you will encounter it more and more often as you attempt to pass the guard, and to avoid frustration, it is best to begin working on a strategy for it now.

In both MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Grappling it is very important that you do not let your opponent establish both an underhook and the lock down. Their proper upper and lower body positioning can make this an extremely difficult position to escape from. So we always start by controling the head and the underhook when they establish the lockdown.

The head and the underhook help to stabalize your position while your feet can go to work. This is especially important in MMA where competitors never wear shirts, and sweat can be a big factor.

Once you secure the upperbody your legs can go to work, switching to pushing down on the knee, or pulling up on the heel.

Mastering this heavy Half Mount will drastically improve the odds that you completely pass your opponent’s guard, and cause them a lot of frustration, especially in MMA where people will often hold on for dear life with their guard, to prevent taking a beating.

Now get on the mat, and get to work.

Good luck, and good training.

Mixed Martial Arts Sherbrooke   Richard Martens              
Head Instructor
Nomad Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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