Sherbrooke MMA Series Video 6 – Passing the Guard – Knee Slide

Nomad BJJ Technique of the Week!

Nomad BJJ Technique of the Week!

Now that we have established decent Half Mount control, using the techniques presented in the previous  2 videos, we can start being more aggressive with our Guard Passing.

In MMA it is very important to do two things.

  1. Try and finish the fight
  2. Be prepared to win a judges decision

If you feel more comfortable grappling than striking, you may work for a control position or a submission during an MMA bout, the problem with this strategy is that often MMA judges will favor a lot of weak strikes over a near submission. I’ve seen a lot of matches where one fighter nearly submits his opponent several times, but his opponent is far busier with lots of little strikes, and is handed the decision for being busier.

I believe the logic behind this is, that a weak strike is still doing damage and is still working towards a victory, where as a failed submission doesn’t usually do any damage.

Whatever the logic, it is important to work in lots of strikes while you are jockeying for position during an MMA bout on the ground. This serves a number of purposes:

  1. When you are attempting to pass the guard, your opponent is often pushing to try and replace guard, when they push they usually open themselves up for some short strikes
  2. When you are punching, they often cover up to protect themselves, when they aren’t pushing against you, passing the guard is much easier
  3. If you manage to daze them with a strike, attaining a better position is a lot easier, as they will not be thinking straight
  4. You might hurt them with your short strikes, and set up an opportunity to finish with striking or a submission, as it is difficult to defend when you are winded or dazed.
  5. You are always building your case for winning a judges decision. All those little shots throughout the fight, added with your aggressive positioning, and possible submission attempts will make it much more likely you’ll win the decision

Switching between striking and grappling on the ground is an excellent way to create openings for either striking or grappling.

  1. When they block your pass attempt, hit them.
  2. When they block your strikes, attempt to pass.

This tactic forces them to switch between 2 defensive modes:

  1. Striking defense
  2. Passing defense

This will increase the chances that they will mess up during the your tactic change, and create an opportunity to move forward and win the MMA bout.

Remember, these are principles that can be applied in a lot of different situations. See if you can find a way to apply this concept in your MMA training.

Good luck, and good training.

Mixed Martial Arts Sherbrooke   Richard Martens              
Head Instructor
Nomad Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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