NAGA Montreal 2012 – Nomad BJJ Team Results

We had a good time in Montreal this weekend, competing at the NAGA Montreal Grappling Tournament. They ran an excellent event with about 10 mats. The competition went very quickly with very little downtime.

Our team included the following members:

  • Dominic Côte
  • Mistral Gedeon
  • Benoit Sinave

Dominic Côte

Dominic competed in both Gi and NoGi, and won the gold medal and a giant belt in both.

He won the NoGi final with a triangle choke from the guard after being taken down.

He won the Gi final on points, after attaining top position, spending most of the time in the half guard. His opponent got into a couple good sweeping positions, but wasn’t able to gain back any point advantage.

Great work Dominic!

Mistral Gedeon

Mistral competed in the Advanced NoGi division. He won his first fight with a guillotine choke, and lost his second match to Olivier Aubin-Mercier, a talented grappling competitor and Ringside MMA champion.

Mistral recieved a silver medal! Awesome work!

Benoit Sinave

Benoit went straight to the final in the NoGi advanced division. Gaining quite a lead point wise, in the last minute of the match he decided to really go for the finish, and locked in a sweet guillotine choke from knee on stomach. It did not look like much fun for the other guy.

Benoit received a nice sized belt for achieving first place.

Great Stuff!


Everyone did an awesome job, and had a lot of fun doing it. Can’t wait for the next time NAGA comes to town, so we can bring Nomad out again!

If you are interested in watching videos of their matches click the following link!

NAGA Grappling Tournament, Montreal Qc – Video Gallery

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