Sherbrooke Mixed Martial Arts Series Video 3 – Sweeps

In our previous mixed martial arts video, we focused on getting back to our feet and establishing a neutral position so that they couldn’t jam our movement. In this second video we are trying to do something similar, only this time we are going to attempt to maintain some control as we get to our knees.

Your opponent’s posture can cause a lot of problems in mixed martial arts. Since they are shirtless, the sweat factor can create a lot of issues. As they elevate their head, you could possibly transition to a triangle or an omo plata, but there is a larger chance that they will be able to disengage and yank out of either of those attacks.

The alternative is to try and follow them as they sit up and establish your butterfly guard. The butterfly guard is one of my favorite positions for mixed martial arts, as we are always a simple movement away from getting back to your feet or knees. This is even more important in mixed martial arts then submission wrestling or jiu-jitsu because opponents will often sit back to try and punch their way to a judges decision, so just relaxing with the guard position is less of an option.

The butterfly guard allows you to turn your guard into a wrestling match, to drive forward and attack, rather then sit back and wait. Work on those underhooks and work on sitting up and you will get out and up more often and take less damage.

Good luck and good training.


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