Vivek Nath – UWO Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Club – London, On

Having Rich Marten conduct a seminar at my club was a choice I wish I’d made much, much earlier.

As someone who has many seminars under his belt, I can confidently state the Rich’s instruction is at the top of the heap. With a fine attention to details, and a genuine concern for all seminar participants, Rich imparted BJJ knowledge with a clarity, focus, and structure that impressed us all. What really stood out was how he actively monitored each student’s learning and controlled the pace of instruction as not to overwhelm. He would give select information to students depending on their individual needs, questions, and progress.

Rich was one of the few seminar instructors I’ve encountered that actively sought participant questions and enthusiastically answered all of them! I was really impressed how Rich also acknowledged his own limitations and focused on what he felt we needed, and what he could teach effectively.  Rich provided conceptual information, techniques and drills that greatly informed my instruction and will keep us busy training for many, many months!

Rich is a very down-to-Earth, friendly and generous person, and as with all Harris International-trained black belts, he has set a high standard for instruction.  I highly recommend him to anyone of any level who wants to skyrocket his or her technical knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

We will be having him back in the near future (and hopefully for many years to come!)!

Vivek Nath
Harris International Level 1 Affiliate BJJ Instructor
UWO Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Club
University of Western Ontario